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About Literature / Professional Devon JonesCanada Group :icontheheartseekerstory: TheHeartseekerStory
So many worlds, so little time.
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Devon Jones
Artist | Professional | Literature
I am a professional author looking to pass the time. That is about it.

Check out my first book at…
Or find it on Indigo here:…

Want more? Alright. Honestly, I do NOT "watch back" just because you watch my page. If I/you like someone's art, that is what counts. I do try my best to give llama badges out, if that means anything.

If you are nice and friendly, I am too. I do not do too well with insane or really false-faced people though. I do however have a lot of spare time on my hands, so if I sound like the kind of person you want to talk to or you happen to have questions, just send me a note.

I would like to take this time to promote my group series, The Heartseeker: It is open to new writers and artists!


A MESSAGE TO ALL: No matter how kind I act or what you think I am implying, I am not flirting and will not hit on you. I am not looking for romance here and I will not date online. I do not intend to send any romantic signals. I am sorry if you perceive otherwise. I do not go on webcam, I do not voice chat, and I especially do not and will not engage in romantic and/or sexual interaction with minors. Attempts to engage in a romantic and/or sexual interaction of any kind with me will be respectfully declined and potentially reported depending on the severity. You may even be blocked. Thank you for understanding and respecting my privacy and morals. I am only here to talk to friends and write/draw.
So I have been working on a serious comic book. I have the characters, plot, designs, and about eighty chapter outlines so far but no artist, and believe me when I say I cannot draw it myself. I write. I design. I create worlds. My skill is words. I tried hiring artists with straight-up cash and they backed out or never pulled through. Agh, this was not meant to be a rant.

I need a professional digital comic artist for a series to publish and actually make money from. I would reveal details here but I do not need the ideas getting stolen. It is a sci-fi with lots of exploration and fighting, kind of edgy with a deep base in theoretical physics. Lots of convoluted plots that take chapters and chapters to culminate. I doubt I will get m(any) offers without posting full details (and pictures, ironically) here but I need to try. Inquire for more details and I can discuss the nature of the story and its elements. If you are interested you will ask, if not then not. Most likely I would need a consistent artist to work as a signed partner, which means they would draw from the profits of works sold or receive a flat rate for every chapter completed. It is to be discussed.

Comic details:

  • Sexuality
  • Human/humanoid nudity
  • Prejudiced or hateful material/propaganda

  • Romance/kissing/flirting
  • Mild profanity
  • Blood/mild to moderate gore
  • Advanced technology/unique alien civilisations
  • Basic spelling and grammar

I also need an artist to do cover art for my second novel so I can finally publish that. The cover image needs to look like a book or stack of letters. The people who did the first one were great. Take a look:…
Terms of employment to be discussed, inquire if interested. That is usually about a $100 job on average.

I also need to do a contest for that to raise some awareness that my book exists, probably something fun like designing your own No End-themed survivor character to win points. If that interests you, leave a comment. I am pretty excited to see what people would make, and you could win points.

Life is lovely when you are dependent on others to further your career.


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You are very welcome, thank you for participating. I hope you had fun.
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