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So many worlds, so little time.
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Devon Jones
Artist | Professional | Literature
I am a professional author looking to pass the time. That is about it.

Check out my first book at…

Want more? Alright. Honestly, I do NOT "watch back" just because you watch my page. If I/you like someone's art, that is what counts. I do try my best to give llama badges out, if that means anything.

If you are nice and friendly, I am too. I do not do too well with insane or really false-faced people though. I do however have a lot of spare time on my hands, so if I sound like the kind of person you want to talk to or you happen to have questions, just send me a note.

I would like to take this time to promote my group series, The Heartseeker: It is open to new writers and artists!


A MESSAGE TO ALL: No matter how kind I act or what you think I am implying, I am not flirting and will not hit on you. I am not looking for romance here and I will not date online. I do not intend to send any romantic signals. I am sorry if you perceive otherwise. I do not go on webcam, I do not voice chat, and I especially do not and will not engage in romantic and/or sexual interaction with minors. Attempts to engage in a romantic and/or sexual interaction of any kind with me will be respectfully declined and potentially reported depending on the severity. You may even be blocked. Thank you for understanding and respecting my privacy and morals. I am only here to talk to friends and write/draw.
Hey all. This is a new approach to the contest idea. Over the years I have seen so much harassment and abuse online and in life from countless sources. Among them I see online requests for nudity, or phone-based "sexting". I am sick of it. I hate it when strangers act like pigs and decide they can get away with demanding people degrade themselves. So in order to raise awareness and help people feel more confident in their personal space I am holding what I like to call the "Stand Up! Contest".

What is it about?

The Stand Up! Contest is an opportunity to make a difference in some slight way, by making a piece of art that fights back against sexual predators. It does not have to be fancy or even delicate, but it matters. Everyone has a right to their own body- not someone else's.

How Do I Enter?

Simple! Just comment below that you want to join. Anyone can enter as long as you are not banned and do not act in a rude or crass manner.

What Kind Of Art Is Welcome?

This is the fun part. You are expected to draw or submit a picture of the hand giving the finger in any way you can convey it. That is right, you flip them off- all those pigs and perverts. Make them see that it is not okay to harass people. The image can be pretty much anything as long as it is original and not exploitative or sexual in any way. OCs are welcome. It can be as simple as a picture of you delivering the finger (no faces please, keep your identity safe at all times) or as silly as the poorest, most funny drawing you can muster. You do not need to be a good artist to enter or win, just have fun and fight back against the predators. The old-fashioned British double-finger defence is acceptable too, just show those creeps that no means no. And have fun.
   You are not allowed to post anything containing nudity or sexuality. This is expressly forbidden.

What Is Not Allowed In My Submission?

You may swear (within limitations) but you may not:
  • Submit stolen or "borrowed" art
  • Use any sexually explicit or physically revealing content
  • Reveal personally-identifying information about anyone, including yourself (no faces or addresses)
  • Express any kind of prejudice or hate for any specific race, age, gender, caste, species, minority, culture, religion, political ideals, or anything oriented toward specific people. Keep it simple in that respect.
  • Use extreme violence, gore, dismembering, and other potentially nauseating materials are not allowed. Some blood may be okay within limitations, since I know that is a theme for a lot of online people and characters.
  • Use this as a means to attack any real people or perpetuate a personal vendetta. Just keep it fun, okay?
  • Use any derogatory words, terms or phrases that specifically attack race, age, gender, ethnicity,  sexuality, or anatomy.
  • Use anything considered physically revealing, lewd, sexual or that in any way exposes the unclothes human or animal body so as to suggest nudity or sexality. This is expressly forbidden and will get you instantly banned from the contest without a second chance.

What are the prizes?

Four people will receive 500 points for their winning submissions. If enough people enter I will consider adding or increasing the prizes. Others may offer to add to this if they like.

How Many Pieces Of Art Can I Submit?

I do not want to limit your creativity or stop you if you are having fun, but how about we limit it to three each?

When Does It Start And When Does It End?

The contest starts on July 19th (Now) and ends on October 31st. Winners will be announced either on November 1st or 7th, depending on how complicated real life gets and the volume of submissions.

How Are You Judging Submissions?

All submissions will be reviewed by a team, not just myself, and will be judged on style, the message conveyed, maybe the detail and quality (but no guarantees there) and most of all, fun. If you cannot draw or take pictures to save your life, then make it so incredibly awful that we laugh until our sides hurt. That can win too, trust me. Make it stupid. Make it funny. Make it bold, or crazy, or daring. Go wild and find out what fits you. If you want to be edgy you can. We want you to look at what you made and feel like it says something.

*All submissions remain the property of the artist and may not be used for any purposes outside of this contest without explicit written consent from the creator of said work. Please respect artists' rights.

I want to thank everyone who supports this contest and its message. Over the years I have seen a lot of people hurt by sexual assault or similar acts. This is a time to stand up for yourself and others. You might not always be able to knock the bully on their backside and save the day, but at least you can tell the world you do not approve. Stand up.

And please share this contest with as many people as possible. It is fun, loud, silly, and it stands for a good cause in a universal way.



Standup Contest Submission by poisonedlava

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