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Protocol: Lambda Orange - Noose
Name: Avanus "Noose"
Serial: NR-19
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Abilities: Psychic
Appearance: (Picture pending) 5'7, shaggy brown hair, pale skin, attached earlobes, skinny body, skinny face, pointed nose, lanky, slightly underweight, big front teeth, hazel-yellow eyes, black spike-line tattoos running down spine/arms/legs/hands/feet, black fingernails and toenails
Bio: "Noose" earned his nickname as a shortening of his name. Quiet and observing, he tends to earn some negativity for looking where he is not supposed to. Although he tends to keep to himself a lot, he occasionally uses his abilities for self-gain. Many see him as suspicious and a bit rat-like.
:icondevontomatocat:DevonTomatoCat 1 0
Protocol: Lambda Orange
   When the informants called it in they rushed to the scene. Now was the time, it was either act or let the heavens fall. Trained, elite government operatives rushed into the hidden base. Tear gas crippled their defences. Operatives gunned scientists down en masse. Chemical fires burned. The facility had to die, die, die. While the soldiers called it in as clear, agents uncovered a secret vault. They had failed: The children were alive.
   Born different and unusual, they grew in a lab, never seeing the light of day. They are freaks and monsters, they are abnormal... they are children and teenagers. When a covert project was started to create superhumans it was crushed, but the products survived. When the facility, their home, was compromised and they were discovered, instead of being purged they were captured and taken away. Now they live in isolation on a secret prison that exists on no map. Scientists study them. Soldiers hate them. Government offi
:icondevontomatocat:DevonTomatoCat 2 0
   Never was a word for any occasion. In the dark it is ever waiting, out of arm’s reach, on the edge of oblivion. It watches in the shadows of the fire and hears the whispers of song. In the light it takes to life and dances in the embrace of shunted lovers and dreaming poets. It never stops. It never ends. In circumstance it perpetuates its antithesis. So begins life in the shadow of a word.
   Dark skies were always a sallow sign for the times. Listening to the silent call of the gale that stirred the ashen clouds, it was much the same as the roar of the humming land in motion. One in one was equal to one unchanged. The sweeping winds touched nothing, not trees or the cotton dusting the empty roads, as its blew across the silent town in the coming dark.
   All was never but still. Signs were black and turned away, etched with nothings that confused their purpose. They were defunct to stand and serve. Houses of crumbling brick and aged shingles shi
:icondevontomatocat:DevonTomatoCat 0 0
   Waking up not like the breaching of breath from the black of the dark sea drowning my thoughts and holding at bay the screaming, silent emptiness but feeling chains of fire burn with hooks in flesh unwilling as it drags and tears, drags and tears, to pieces the whole and whole still unbound in its ravel of wire and knotted spines and barbs, this is experience in the barren rock of sounds and homely beating clocks bearing down hard and unwhole on the mantle. This vainglorious sanctimony of harmonious wrongs conspired by many forms of many faces, the perfect coincidence of thunder and lightning, it drags and tears, drags and tears. To ask it ignores. To beg it takes. To hold it steals and bars against to force claim undeserved and ungained on private asides that form the whole. Stealing to assume a self of sustenance, cannibal planet of cannibal hearts screaming in the mud and ashen bones, as if cries of uncertain to the neuron might grant sacred, and immunity from claws bor
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The Life Of DevonTomatoCat - 1 by DevonTomatoCat The Life Of DevonTomatoCat - 1 :icondevontomatocat:DevonTomatoCat 3 3



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Devon Jones
Artist | Professional | Literature
I am a professional author looking to pass the time. That is about it.

Check out my first book at…
Or find it on Indigo here:…

Want more? Alright. Honestly, I do NOT "watch back" just because you watch my page. If I/you like someone's art, that is what counts. I do try my best to give llama badges out, if that means anything.

Those who seek to define themselves so totally with music and tattoos, and clothes and stories, or even just draw their own outline- those people that need to define who they are in all their boundaries- they are limiting themselves. You cannot define yourself with four letters, or even a million. If you can, I am so sorry things are so boring for you. I am still finding out who I am every day. When I am on my final days, whenever those are, I will think on it and smile at the fact that there is still so much I have yet to discover about myself. The adventure never ends.

If you are nice and friendly, I am too. I do not do too well with insane or really false-faced people though. I do however have a lot of spare time on my hands, so if I sound like the kind of person you want to talk to or you happen to have questions, just send me a note.

A MESSAGE TO ALL: No matter how kind I act or what you think I am implying, I am not flirting and will not hit on you. I am not looking for romance here and I will not date online. I do not intend to send any romantic signals. I am sorry if you perceive otherwise. I do not go on webcam, I do not voice chat, and I especially do not and will not engage in romantic and/or sexual interaction with minors. Attempts to engage in a romantic and/or sexual interaction of any kind with me will be respectfully declined and potentially reported depending on the severity. You may even be blocked. Thank you for understanding and respecting my privacy and morals. I am only here to talk to friends and write/draw.
Hello all! Today we have a brand new contest for you! I decided my life was not strange enough, so I threw some points away to put into a contest. If you want to enter, feel free.

What Is This Contest About?

A list of semi-randomised words have been compiled into a list of groups. Select a word group from the list of five and submit a clothing/costume design. There are no rules as far as what or how to draw the categories, as long as the words in the list are somehow included in the theme, be it literally or in some metaphorical manner.

What Are The Categories?

They are as follows:

1. Papillary, Hologram, Mutant, Spoon

2. Theocrat, Diplomat, Austere, Astral

3. Goth, Smith, Lightning, Potato

4. Imperial, Dynamite, Gate, Ceremony

And the "Slap" category (meaning the words are random enough that you may want to slap me in the face)...
5. Endue, Taxation, Possible, Animatic
(Just... be creative...)

What Are The Prizes?

The winner of each category will win 1,000 points, submitted to their account after the contest is over and winners have been announced.

How Do I Enter?

Simply comment below telling me which category you would like to enter (and obviously that you would like to enter), and then submit your art when you are finished by linking it in the comments below. It is that simple. It would be cool if you would, like, share this contest in a journal entry, but I will not hold you to it.

The Rules:

  • Enter by commenting below with your selected category
  • Each person may only enter one category, in order to be fair to other entrants
  • You may submit two entries for your chosen category, if you wish
  • Be respectful and courteous. Please do not flood the contest comments with extra entries
  • Be polite to your peers. Please avoid swearing, harassment, bullying, prejudice, racism, and comment wars
  • Do not post anything sexually explicit or obscene, please
  • You do not need to watch me to enter

How Will Submissions Be Judged?

I do not expect anyone or everyone to have a specific style or skill level. Each category will be reviewed by multiple judges and winners selected for:
Adherence to the theme

(You may explain you choices in your submission if you like)

When Does The Contest Start And When Does It End?

The contest begins on July the 16th, 2017, 12:00 AM (Pacific Time)
It ends on October 31st, 2017, 12:00 AM (Pacific Time)
Winners will be announced by the end of Oct. 31st
If the contest receives fewer than four entrants by the beginning of October it will be cancelled.


Category #1
Contestentrance by MiacrystalMoon

Category #2
CE- Design a Costume by Toxic-Brownie

Category #2 by Plyschappel

CE art by UnknownMasquerade

Category #3
He is the chosen spud by tidiestflyer

Category #4
The crowned Dynamite Bride (Costume contest) by BeelzebubsTwinkie

The Gatekeeper by b3nihim3

Contest Entry by Kreydus  20171007 155402 by Kreydus

Category #5
Design a Costume Contest Entry - Category 5 by ImTellinYa


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